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Are you experiencing the following?  Cracking in drywall, humps in the floor especially at the marriage line, the sensation of walking up or down hill, doors that rub or swing open or closed on their own, items rolling off counter-tops?  Your Mobile home is probably no longer level and should be re-leveled before major damage occurs to your home. "Un-level homes are the leading cause of accelerated deterioration in the Mobile Home Community." -- MHI


Mobile homes need to be re-leveled periodically in order to maintain structural integrity.  Most Manufacturers recommend re-leveling every 3-5 years.  Some possible reasons:  Frost heave causes pier settings to sink and tilt, moisture under the home can do the same thing.  Wood shims used to level the home initially can become compressed, rot, or destroyed by wood boring insects.  Steel piers can rust and collapse.  Improper initial set-up and inferior workmanship can cause piers to be over stressed and compromised before their time. 


When we re-level your home we insure that all pier settings are supporting the weight of your home equally to bring your home back On-Level - and there's no need for you or your furniture to leave! While we are under your home we thoroughly inspect every major component under your home and report our findings to you. This includes a thorough inspection of all piers and their support pads, vapor barrier, rodent barrier, heating crossover ducting and supports, dryer vent ducting, water and sewer lines are also examined for integrity.


Avoid costly repairs and increased energy waste by restoring your home to its proper level.


Washington State Certified Mobile Home Technicians Specializing in the re-leveling and refurbishing of existing mobile home foundations.  We have done many hundreds of Double-wides, Single-wides and Triple-wides. Contractor Reg.# LEVELLS28920G


Not sure if your home needs re-leveling?  We will come to your home and do the inspection mentioned above for $199.00 if your home needs re-leveling, this amount will be credited toward the cost of re-leveling your home if we do it the same day.



Why Hire Us?

Manufactured homes are regulated by the State and only Certified Manufactured Home Technicians are legally licensed to work on the foundation of your manufactured home.


On Level Services has over 18 years of Certified manufactured home experience.  We have moved and set-up literally hundreds of new and used manufactured homes in the State and now specialize in the re-leveling, refurbishing and retrofitting of manufactured home foundations.


We are professional in our work and in our appearance.  We are Licensed, Bonded, Insured and regularly attend State mandated continuing education courses on the latest developments in the manufactured home industry. 


Here are our license numbers:

WA State Certified Mobile Home Technician #LOTZESH0370W

WA State Contractor Registration #LEVELLS892OG


We are professional and we will do the job right unlike Bubba in this video...